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LAWBACH is a law firm specialising in business law, whose lawyers are registered with the Paris Bar and the Sofia Bar and are therefore attached to the Paris Bar Association in France and the Sofia Bar Association in Bulgaria.

The lawyers of LAWBACH are bound by the internal rules of the Paris and Sofia bar associations, as well as the French and Bulgarian national legal rules in their applicable version, as well as the laws and regulations relating to exercising the legal practice of a lawyer.

The Director of the Web Site publishing is Mrs Lora Shalganova, acting as the manager of the LAWBACH firm.

The Web Site administrator is Mrs Lora Shalganova.

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The website accessible at is hosted by the company NS 1 OOD, of the 5000 1v.’s capital, registered at Sofia, Bulagria, under the number 175018740 – registered and located at bld. Alexandre Malinov, et. 4, office 9-10, 1715 Sofia, Bulgaria, available at

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As part of its activities, LAWBACH may need to collect data. This data collection is systematically based upon the consent of the individual concerned, or upon a legal obligation.

It is restricted to data that is strictly necessary to the law firm’s activities.

Data prospects

LAWBACH collects personal data of web users who wished to make contact with the law firm via the online contact form. This data is necessary to respond to their online contact form. The compulsory data contains the following : first name, surname, email address, postal address and the telephone number of the concerned individual.

Client data

LAWBACH clients are conveyed to provide sensible and confidential information. This information is collected and processed in order to enact the client’s demands or to execute legal obligations.

Duration and place of data retention

The data collected from LAWBACH’s contacts are kept, unless there is a contrary legal obligation, for a maximum duration of 1 year starting from the last established contact. The data collected from LAWBACH’s contacts are kept following durations established by rules governing the legal practice of a lawyer. Following the type of data, those which do not hold any legal duration of retention are kept for a maximum of 10 years following the end of the working relationship between LAWBACH and its client.

The retained data issafely kept on a secured server for this purpose at the law firm. Technical and managerial measures are in place as to ensure the safety of the data kept.

Data security

The law firm trains its associates and partners to the good practice in terms of data security in documentation communication and exchange.

LAWBACH’s employees and associates pledge to act in the best way possible to safeguard data security and confidentiality. They will inform without any delay the responsible of the processing, as well as the IT service in any reasonable suspiscion of a breach of security or data confidentiality.

The law firm chooses its independent contractors by taking into account their capacity to guarantee the security of the data that they are to safeguard. LAWBACH regularly verifies that its contractors are fit to guarantee this security.

The law firm’s contractors pledge to inform the law firm in case of a security breach or a breach of confidentiality of the data kept by them.

Rights of persons concerned

The user benefits of a right of accessing, correcting, erasing, updating, limiting the processing, transporting and defining the date of his or her data after its access deadline.

The user may also oppose, for legitimate reasons, that his or her data form part of a processing and without motive or fees, that his or her data be used for commercial purposes.

The user may use his or her rights by writing to or by mail to LAWBACH, 222, boulevard Saint Germain, 75007 Paris, by detailing in the object of the mail « Droit des personnes / Rights of Users » and including the copy of his or her ID. LAWBACH will work hard to answer your queries in the best delays possible, conventionally within 1 month starting from the reception of your demand and your ID verification.

This delay may be extended by 2 months following the complexity and the numerous demands, which in this case will be communicated to you.

LAWBACH designated as its data processing manager : Audrey PICARD, 222, boulevard Saint-Germain - 75007 Paris (

She is responsible for the good application of legal dispositions regarding data processing, as well as the effectiveness of the persons’ rights concerned by the processing of their data.

Les coordonnées du responsable des traitements sont indiquées sur le site internet du Cabinet et sont notifiées aux salariés et collaborateurs du Cabinet. The contact information is available on the law firm’s website and is passed on to the law firm’s employees and associates.

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Cookies is a data block that does not identify users but allows to record data regarding the browsing of the user on the website. The browser’s settings may inform you of the presence of cookies and, eventually, of the way to refuse them, following the description on the website

The user holds the right of accessing, of retrieving and modifying the personal data communicated via cookies in application of the conditions indicated below.

The user of the LAWBACH website must specifically refrain from collecting information to which he or she holds access to, and also refrain from a general diverted use, of any act that may potentially violate private life or one’s reputation.

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The hypertext links on the website that redirect to other resources on the Internet network will not engage LAWBACH’s responsibility. Web users cannot include a hypertext link directed to that website without the express and prior authorization from LAWBACH.

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For any information and request to reproduce a content from the website (text, figures, graphs, illustrations, photographs) whatever form it takes, such as authorizing the inclusion of a hypertext link, the user is kindly invited to formulated his or her request by email to

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The information contained and searchable on the website are provided for reference only by LAWBACH. They can be modified at any moment without prior notice. By no means the information contined by the website would constitute advice or service from any nature.

The user assumes the full responsibility of using the website or the information contained. LAWBACH will not be held responsible from damages caused by the consultation or the use of the website by the user.

The present declaration is destined to inform you of our policy and our practice regarding the respect of private life, as well as choices that you may operate on the way your contact information are collected online and how they are used. The website and our professional activity are regulated by French Law. In case of a litigation resulting from your use of our websites, the dispute resolution can only be operated by French law courts.